Monday, 3 October 2011

Mrs. McTats and her House Full of Cats

Mrs. McTats and her House Full of Cats


  1. Hi, I've just received a postcard from you at Hawes, North yorkshire. The blog address on the card was incorrect it used an '@' sign instead of a '.' I could of course be looking at the wrong blog! I can now see Mrs McTats and her house full of cats...but no content. So there must be a little confusion somewhere.
    My blog is at
    My e-mail is

    If I have all this back to front please tell me. If I can help please ask.
    Either way we will be sending a postcard back to you.

    Mr E

  2. Hi Mrs Thiessen
    we were very excited to receive your postcard today. You have some lovely photos of your students on the blog. Please visit our blog on:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
    Urieth (Pembroke, Malta)